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Completed: Dec 2003
Controls: Arrows to move.

Guide your frog across the pond to the lilly flower. The pond is filled with rubies, collect them to gain points. But watch out, the lilly pads can't support the weight for too long and eventually sink. Be sure your frog doesn't sink with one of them.

Your frog is very small in size, so it can't defend itself against bugs. Avoid all bugs or they will eat the frog.

Features: The game has 12 levels of increasing difficulty and 5 types of different enemies. The AI of the enemies varies from very dumb to very smart. Some bugs also spit. Upon completion of each level you get a bonus depending on how many points you earned during that level. The game also has a double points mode, which is unlocked when you complete the game. So you can turn the mode on in the options to double the amount of rubies on the screen. The user can change and save preferences and the scores are saved on the server.

This game was made with Flash MX.