Developed version no longer up.
Completed: Jun 2009

This was a project I did as a freelance developer working for Game Pill Inc. It was written in ActionScript2 for Flash 8 and higher. The content of the web site is entirely customizable where the contents of each page are described by an XML file. Some simple text formatting options are also available for paragraphs of text and all images are loaded externally and also are specified in the XML files.

My involvement was writing the code that drives and displays the web site. Main areas of interest are XML configuration of the content of the web site, the sub navigation menu widget, formatted text display, and animations on page transitions and UI widgets. The web site requires JavaScript to be enabled, which is used to resize the Flash window to be able to display all the content as well as causing the browser's native scrollbar to appear making it unnecesary to implement a scrollbar in Flash.