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Completed: Apr 2005

ProjectStat was a course project I and three other people developed as a team for a 4th year course at University of Toronto on Software Engineering. Its function was to help track the progress of a Java project. It consists of three modules. The first is responsible for gathering the metrics. It checks out the source from the project's CVS repository and parses it as well as the CVS log to gather statictical information. The second module stores this information in a MySQL database and also allows retrieving it later. The third module looks at the complete set of gathered data and produces charts to display it in meaningful ways, which appear in the form of jpeg image files embedded inside html pages.The idea is that the first module is run periodically to sample the project at different points in time and over time these samples would give an idea of how the project progressed.

All the modules were written in Java on Linux operating system. During the course of the project I ended up becoming the team lead and making most of the design decisions.