Laf v2.0
Download: Windows Linux
Last Updated: Jan 2007

This version has two new major features. Image morphing, that allows distoring individual parts of an image while keeping other parts intact. The second one is an extension of this feature that provides a way to morph one image into another (most dramatic effect is achieved with images of faces) and generate the in-between images that can be used to make an animation. It is not perfect, though, as some of the in-between images sometimes don't look good at all.

I have also continued to improve the UI and added more minor features. Other changes include the removal of the math library I was using for image warping in place of a custom implementation, removal of the runnable exe in place of a Windows installer that creates a shortcut for running the program, and the ability to save in JPEG format as well as PNG.

It should be noted that the Linux distribution has the required files to run the application and a sample shell script, but it was never tested on a Linux system due to lack of a Linux system. Mac OS continues to have the crashing issue related to custom cursors.