Laf v1.0
Download: installer
Completed: May 2005

Laf was a continuation of a project that I have done for a course called Image Computing at University of Toronto. This is a small program that has several features for modifying images. The three main features allow removing pixels of a certain color range, selector tool that autofinds shape borders to help with selecting objects, and stitching of several images into a single one. The features were developed for the course, but after it was over I went back to improve the UI making it friendlier as well as adding some more minor features like the filters and image warping.

The download contains a Windows exe and unix shell scripts for running it. It was written in Java so it requires Java 1.4.2 or greater. There is a known bug while running on Mac OS due to Mac version of Java not supporting cursor changing, which causes the application to crash.